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 At any given time, not only are there a large number of “situations” in which people will be involved, but the style and tone of those reactions are described by each individual’s birth chart—and thus are personal and subjective, and beyond what can be sketched here.  What IS possible is to have some of those transiting (and transitory) “situations” characterized. Some months, you may experience some of the paragraphs and not others; you may experience none of the abstracts for a given period of time, or you may observe that others are having situations that closely match those described.  While the wording I use may not be exactly how you would phrase things, not only do I hope that you won’t miss the reference, but that another viewpoint allows you to see things from a different perspective. Please remember that what’s truly significant about Events is not so much What Happens, but what the sequence shows you... about You and about what you assume about yourself, others and this Universe in which we “find” ourselves.

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The Medical Research List

If you follow the predictive remarks made on this site, you are aware that there have been increasingly detailed references to very specific diseases and symptoms.  Those remarks are a result of research into medical asteroids and their application.  Imagine having a point in the chart that stands for a heart attack, atrial fibrillation, chemotherapy, insulin,  Metabolic Syndrome, concussions, bone marrow and 870+ other issues! 

NOW, THAT LIST CAN BE YOURS!  To order the list, (as of January 1. 2015) send a check or money order for $30.00 (plus $5.00 S & H.  It comes as two lists, one in alphabetical order by disease, organ or symptom, and the other, alphabetized by asteroid name) to Treehouse Mountain, P. O. Box 171, Wapiti, Wyoming 82450

It will save you an immense amount of time to also order the radix, directed or some event list of the positions of all those asteroids.  The cost for this is two dollars per date.  Be sure to include the birth data, time, and time zone for each one.

I do suggest that you also subscribe to the monthly newsletter, “Tools of the Trade” in order to learn how to apply the individual medical asteroids (in aspect to others) and to not frighten yourself with the possibilities.  (Ie., just because you have the asteroid for Anti-Social Personality Disorder conjunct your Sun can just mean that you’re not exactly a social butterfly.  Serious challenge will be shown in several ways.  The list includes a number of asteroids to examine mental illness.)  The monthly newsletter is $28.00 per year for United States residents.  International and Canada is higher, please inquire.

You might want also or instead to purchase Vintage Volume VIII of Tools of the Trade.  It is a collection of the last 3 years of issues all in one volume.  A large number of months featured a medical case example, so you would quickly have access to a number of chart examples using medical asteroids.  This volume (as is true for all the previous volumes, each a collection of 3 years) is $39.95 + $6.00 S & H.

I guarantee that you will find working with this medical list stunning in the available accuracy and detail.  As you acquire a familiarity, the hope is that you will be able to perform an invaluable service for friends, family and clients.  There is an asteroid for breast cancer and for genetic susceptibility to cancer.  There is an asteroid for Congestive Heart Failure and for problems with glutamate in the diet.  Take your learning and research up a notch.  We have much to accomplish!


The 2014 Aries Ingress with Delineations

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   New!  Mid-February into March Issues

Posted February 3, 2015

And Obama’s 2014-5 Solar Returns

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The Aries Axis & Prediction

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The US Chart & the Lunar Eclipse in 25 Aries-Libra in October 2013




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 NEW!  January 2015

Posted  December 6, 2014

Draw your lunar or solar returns per the return chart angles, emphasizing the radix and transit factors that occur within ten degrees (either side) of the return chart angles.  Let factors at the same angle “talk” to each other and to factors at the opposite angle to have the energy dialogue that describes events.  Such as:


·        A mid-Capricorn angle now will pick up a very interesting alignment, starting with Pluto and Vesta.  This can get tricky.  You want to watch for a person who is emotionally detached—but that is motivated, driven or a result of Pluto.  This means that a person can be somewhat emotionally unavailable because they have their own psychological demons to deal with, but it can also mean that the emotional reserve is something of a tactic that, in true Plutonian spirit, is intended to wound or expose weaknesses.  There may be times when a person treats another “like a piece of furniture” and it brings up psychological scars from the past.

·        Now, included is Mercury so ya’ need to add words, conversations and siblings.  So.  A person can TALK as though THEY REALLY DON’T CARE but you somehow know that THE STAKES ARE HIGHER THAN THEY LET ON.  There may be moments when the topic is dramatic—and for that exact reason, a person tries to take a step back so they aren’t swept along by the power of the theme of conversation.

·        Add Circe and some of the issue deals with helping—add Mercury and Pluto and there is discussion of helping another person financially with their work.

·        But add Circe to Pluto and things get sticky again because there’s the issue of the power balance between people when one is seen as the Rescuer or Helper of another. 

·        Because we have Tisiphone in the mix here, we have to think that some people are carrying a load of (Pluto) emotional damage due to problems in their family.  And there can be times of striking out to even the score.

·        We also have Venus in this long alignment and when we have Venus and Pluto in the same sentence, we do see moments of “the power of love to transform.”  We also see magnificent obsessions (ß the one I vote for) and times when the niceness of Venus has Plutonian underwear!  This means that people can be Nice, complimentary, and sweet—but there’s “more to it;”  they may have other reasons or motives; they may “want something” so that their Venus-nice-nice actually has “strings attached.”    This is a configuration where love or attraction creates a situation where a person really needs to make sure that, in a certain relationship, they really are “themselves;” they really can maintain integrity and “be who they are.”

·        If this is angular for you, because Tantalus is the capstone on the alignment, you’ll see people TESTING love and motives.  They want to know if “this” is “the real thing.”

·        Icarus is also in this mix, so there can be (Mercury-Icarus) fast cars but also look for “thrills” and relationships that seem to have been on a fast track.

·        To complicate all this, a retrograde Pythia is in mid-Cancer in parans opposition to all.  On the one hand, this suggests that some of the testing and emotional-wrangling we see in the Pluto-Vesta-Venus line up is a result of times in the past when a person misjudged a relationship.  On the other hand, it can be hard now to really judge what the future of this will bring.

·        Of course, you have to add your radix angular factors in and let them both talk to and react to and on the transiting angulars or to these aspects.  And then pay extra attention to your returns when the transiting Moon crosses the return chart angles.  As always, there’s a lot more to say but I’m just trying to give you a leg up.  Okay, in the interest of full disclosure and (oh fer heaven’s sakes, how can I use this word:) TRANSPARANCY, I am also trying to trigger your curiosity so that you check your own lunar returns!

·        Take it easy out there….


Disclaimer: Although remarks and observations of a medical nature in the above notes and in other sections of this site are based on astrological research, I am not a medical doctor and opinions expressed here and in my books are not intended to replace consultation with your physician and his recommendations.

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“Angles and Prediction”

548 pages of delineations of aspects between planets, TNPs and 80+ asteroids!  Use the interpretations for natal charts, returns, medical astrology, eclipses and more.  This is an essential reference text for students and professionals.    $49.95 + S & H

Email: TreehseMtn@tctwest.net     or Call: 307.587.9680


If you’d like me to use YOUR chart for some of the “current predictions” notes, just email your birth data.  But let me explain something about what happens when you send your birthdata to be used (anonymously) in Current Predictions.  I always admit to having ulterior motives (‘bout most anything to do with astrology anyway!) but when I offer to use YOUR chart for these abbreviated remarks, that’s especially true.  When people send me their data, they all & always ask: “How will I know when it’s my chart you’re using?”  My answer to that is two-fold and here’s where the ulterior motives come in: you’ll know because the discussion relates to what’s happening in your life, but—to really be sure, you’ll set up your lunar returns (with angulars established by the return chart angles) and the practice of doing that will build a passion for the charts, the asteroids and TNPs, and the insights!  (Pretty sneaky, huh?)


Thanx to CM who has pointed out to me that nowhere on this site does it mention that I am a professional astrologer who accepts new clients for both natal consultations and predictive work.  Please email for information. 

 In re the attitude that the 8 transneptunians aren’t “real:” we all hear the complaint about using “the hypothetical points” because THEY AREN’T REALLY THERE, THEY AREN’T REALLY “UP IN THE SKY.”  Well, pardon me for pointing this out, but neither are progressions or directions...and your angles, Vertex and Equatorial Ascendant are intersections of Great Circles; they have neither density nor mass, and let’s not even get into house cusps!  If you work with the TNPs, every chart will prove their value. 






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